Kai-En Butoh Company

Body Landscape

Björn-Ola Lind / KAI-EN

Photo / Moving images / Installation

Härnösands Konsthall June 2 - August 25 2018

June 2, 1 pm, Vernissage with performance

August 25, 1 pm, Finissage with performance and artist talk

The exhibition examine relations between body and landscape. The artists aim for a contemporary animism, an erasure and dissolution of borders between the human body and the body of the landscape, and for the mythical reality of the landscape. The work departs from specific places in the region Ångermanland, Sweden, appealing through their mythical quality.

With support from Härnösands Konsthall, Konst Västernorrland, KC Nord and Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse.

Härnösands Konsthall



Above: Film, Mineral Bodies
Below: Sacred Cave, photo: Björn-Ola Lind
Video stills from moving images (in order of appearance): , Rock Face and Inuti
All images and film © KAI-EN Butoh Company and Björn-Ola Lind 2018