Kai-En Butoh Company

Lineage – rottrådar

A network of roots and mycelium, entangled in symbiotic exchange. Bodily transmission as the qualitative, deepened process. To be the host animal to that which must live, to offer our fur as a reserve for a wilderness to flourish.

Through unfolding a choreography from the experience archived within the body, of two different but yet, because of their encounter within the same body, related dance forms: butoh and nordic folk dance, we are offered to engage in their common world of transparencies, lines, shifting layers and becomings.

KAI-EN concept, choreography, dance, costume, space
Alexandra Nilsson composition
Sandra Marteleur improvisation, violin,viola
Maria Ros light design

The performance was postponed due to restrictions due to covid-19 pandemic. It was documented for video in January 2021 and premiered for an audience in October 2022.

@ Fylkingen
Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2
Stockholm, Sweden

Photo: Mikael Öberg
© KAI-EN Butoh Company 2021