Kai-En Butoh Company


A performance with improvised music and dance that payed tribute to the processes of the ordination and the dead wood as a cradle for new life. A tree can die for hundreds of years.

The Butoh body is exposed to organic forces such as the twisting power that passes through the tree, the insects that eat its bark and dissolve it in dust particles or the decomposition that transcends in mucus.

In Katt Hernandez violin improvisations, we can hear the friction of winding branches and roots, and intensely buzzing insect swarms. Violin's overtones meet Björn Ola Lind's overtone singing and deep drones along with trees own sounds as they drink, pulsate and twist in an anthem for the living.

KAI-EN butoh
Katt Hernandez violin and voice
Björn Ola Lind drones and voice

The performance opened Björn Ola Lind´s photo exhibition Roots.

@ Sancta Birgitta Klostermuseum, Vadstena, Sweden
August 14 2021