Kai-En Butoh Company


Softness and sweetness of a decaying space
A body cut open to the world

Porous balances on the border between ritual and dance performance. Inner and outer space are turned inside out into an embracing space that touches all senses.

The performance examines porosity and disintegration as states of transformation and transcending boundaries. The rotting process as a condition where existents shifts into each other without completely loosing their origin.

Porous borrows its form from traditional trance rituals. The trance uses restraint, repetition and small shifts over time; a process from integrity to disintegration; a slow shift into an experience of being moved, to reach beyond the limits of the self. In Porous the ritual quality becomes physical and alive.

Concept, butoh dance and choreography: KAI-EN
Costume: KAI-EN
Music: Lars Åkerlund
Moving images: Björn-Ola Lind
Light design: Maria Ros Palmklint / Flamingo Produktion
Video technique: Flamingo Produktion
Production: KAI-EN Butoh Company

Performed at Fylkingen, Stockholm
December 6-8, 2018

With support from Swedish Arts Council, the City of Stockholm and C.off

Thanks to Katja Seitajoki/Arena Baubo and Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern