Kai-En Butoh Company

Skogens Ögon (A Forest of Eyes)

Skogens Ögon (A Forest of Eyes) is a dance performance for children from 9 years and up, taking it´s starting point in animistic traditions' view of the Forest as a place to learn from other beings perspectives. In the Forest the human is surrounded by Eyes.

butoh dance, choreography
costume, scenography

Mikael Öberg
performance story telling

Katt Hernandez

Ronald Salas
light design

Performed @Teater Sláva/Tonsalen, Huddinge, Sweden and @Gula Villan Järna, Sweden
Public performances and school performances

Illustration: Hiroko Tsuchimoto
Trailer and documentation: Thomas Zamolo
Photo © KAI-EN Butoh Company 2023

Full length documentation of Skogens Ögon from KAI-EN Butoh Company on Vimeo.